The Great Smoky Mountains abound with hundreds of wildflowers and flowering shrubs. Among these, one of the most beautiful is the Rhododendron. Growing in massive thickets or "slicks", at the many elevations, the Rhododendron is identified by the year round foliage of heavy green leaves. During the winter months, these leaves serve as a natural thermometer by rolling up tightly as the temperature drops.


Visitors to the Park are rewarded with Rhododendron "slicks" in full bloom during the months of June and July. The trail to the Chimneys, the Laurel Falls trail and the Cades Cove trails to Abrams Falls are all exceptional locations to see this native plant throughout the year. Jim Gray has once again captured the beauty of the Smoky Mountain Wildflowers in his Spring 1986 release of "Rhododendron".


Limited Edition Lithograph of 1500 numbered and signed by Jim Gray
Approximate Size: 22 x 16 ½

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