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Blink of an Eye...

Looking back on the sometimes exhausting early years raising children, many realize that suddenly it seems they are grown... in the Blink of an Eye. With love, we bring them into this world.

In the midst of the sometimes overwhelming tasks of keeping and infant fed, clean, and safe, we suddenly realize they are talking and walking and daily making strides toward the independent people they will become.

On the other end of the spectrum of life, as we watch our elder loved ones age, those who are living with dementia are growing ever more dependent on loved ones and care partners, to assist initially with daily chores, and eventually to keeping them fed, clean, and safe. In the midst of it all, the constant needs being met can seem overwhelming. Yet, one day we will realize that those times are in the past. In the blink of an eye they will be gone. With love, we help them transition out of this world.

The key, at the beginning and the end, is to make as many positive memories as we can, and to recognize also that it is in the most challenging times, that we come to recognize

the depth of our love for one another.

Returning from Indiana to Maine in February 2019, I finished a poem that I had started a bit earlier on this road our family is now traveling. The video below contains this poem, which goes about 3 minutes.

It is titled simply: Reflecting

Using your cell phone camera and recorder, it is possible to collect a wealth of family history as you visit your loved one, and when friends and family gather. Old photos can spark memories, and music from your loved one's earlier years can often awaken a surprisingly joyful reminiscing.


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